Welcome to Wanton Walrus! We’re glad you’re here. Maybe you’ve played our premiere card-based combat game, Cards: The Attackening!, or you’re looking for our new games, Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse and Kitchen Kingdom: Lords of the Culinarium.

Wanton Walrus is three people: Aaron Simon, Josh Robinson, and Kyle Olson. Josh and Aaron have worked together for nigh on a 7 years now; first on review sites and then collaborating on their first game: Cards: The Attackening! Since neither one of them can draw worth a darn (equivalent to ‘one standard unit of artistic talent’) they scoured the web for talented artists. That’s where Kyle came in! He brought his unique pixelmancy skills to Cards and turned their words into a real thing.

With Cards successfully funded and shipped, the boys have turned to new ventures: Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse. While Machinations and Kitchen Kingdom are still in development, with crowdfunding campaigns on the horizon Check back here for awesome art samples, gameplay previews, and more!