Our Games

Cards: The Attackening!

Cards: The Attackening! was built out of the idea that you could have a deck-building CCG-like game that wouldn’t break the game and wouldn’t require you to learn complex, abstract mathematics in order to work out how to do damage. The first venture by Wanton Walrus Productions, it was successfully Kickstarted in 2015 and marked the first partnership between Josh, Aaron, and Kyle. Praised by critics* for its sense of humor and encouragement of fun, the game is a great fit for groups of friends who are looking for something quick to pick up with a wide variety of possible ways to play.

To learn more about the game, check out the gameplay video below and check out the storefront on The Gamecrafter.

Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse

Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse asks, “What if you were a cult leader who knew for a fact that the End was Nigh, but there were also other cult leaders who shared that knowledge?” Players find themselves at the head of a wide variety of cults all seeking to end the world through boosting their membership, their power, and, ultimately, that which they worship.

Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse is currently in development. A crowdfunding campaign is planned for Soon, so watch our site or our Twitter for more information!


Kitchen Kingdom: Lords of the Culinarium

Kitchen Kingdom: Lords of the Culinarium is a game for 3 – 6 players based around three central ideas: 1) The Customer does not like to wait; 2) The Customer is always right; and 3) The Customer is, inevitably, very strange. Players are proprietors of food carts in a gathering of chefs known as “The Culinarium” in the fantastical kingdom of New Essenmachen (“Nu Ess-enn-mah-kenn”) – built on the ruins of Old Essenmachen, which burned down after a series of raging grease fires. Sitting at the center of a land of adventure, danger, and treasure, it only makes sense that New Essenmachen attracts a veritable horde of adventurers. Naturally, the adventurers who survive their quests are hungry. That’s where you come in.

Your job is to serve the adventurers what they want, when they want it, how they want it. You only have a limited amount of time to make the Orders and you’re competing with everyone else in The Culinarium. Get cooking!