About Us

Stay awhile, and listen

Wanton Walrus is the brainchild of Josh Robinson (@beardmask) and Aaron Simon (@AaronCSimon), who met through a mutual acquaintance when they started writing for the insanely popular indie review site Bullet Reviews. Okay, it’s not that popular. Also, it’s now defunct.

Josh was the Gaming Editor and Aaron the Book Editor. Both masters of their respective domains, they collaborated on a few different ventures both within and without Bullet Reviews. This took the form of podcasts, Let’s Plays, columns, etc. until Bullet Reviews eventually imploded like so much Starkiller Base.

The two founded Wanton Walrus and from there they hired famed Pixelsmith Kyle Olson (@KyleOlsonmabob) to illustrate their dreams. Eventually, they even launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring their madness to life, with the help of almost 200 radical people. They’re currently working on a new game about cults and the apocalypse and whatnot that they think you’ll really enjoy.

Josh lives in Maryland, where the deer and the blue crabs roam, with his wife, cat, and dog.

Aaron is a single and disease-free Writerman who Summers, Falls, Winters, and Springs in Portland.