Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse

The end is nigh! The world hurtles towards oblivion and you’ve been granted a vision of the last days by a powerful Avatar. Now you must guide your cult and its followers to the true end of days, but beware! Other Avatars seek to raise up legions to bring about their own Armageddon. Do you have what it takes to out-cult them and build a better apocalypse?

Perks of Leadership include, but are not limited to:

  • Create a powerful cult in service to an implacable Avatar
  • Confound your rivals’ plans and curse them to wreck and ruin
  • Wield powerful boons granted by your Avatar
  • Recruit followers to empower your Avatar
  • Become the Avatar and fight in The Reckoning: the final battle to end the world!

Below you can see some of the mighty Avatars you’ll serve and the challenges the Seasons will mete out upon you.


Machinations: Building a Better Apocalypse is currently in development. A crowdfunding campaign is planned for Soon(tm), so watch our site or our Twitter for more information!